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Decoy Reel
No more tangled decoy weight lines. This easy to use, self retracting Decoy Reel takes the hassle out of winding up your decoys after the hunt and it will not rust.
Bird Finder
The perfect gift for your outdoor youngster or experienced bird watcher. Match birds in the wild to what they look and sound like on the Bird Finder.
Deluxe Bird Cleaning Kit
Make quick work of the birds you harvest with the 3-Pc. work-saving set
and carry sheath
Spinning Reel
The Midas MS-30 is one of the most advanced reels in the Browning line of reels. It's 3 interior precision machined bearings give you fluid performance and system smoothness the likes that you have never seen before.
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Decoy Reel This Product is no longer available
12 count $49.95
The Decoy Reel is an automatic line reel with a stainless steel spring. It will work with any decoy. When deploying your decoy, simply set the line to the desired depth, lock the reel and set out your decoy. Unlock the reel and it automatically winds up the decoy weight without any fuss. It's really that simple to use the Decoy Reel. Also, it makes decoy storage quick and easy without ever having to deal with tangled lines again.

Strong, lasting, and durable
Plated to prevent rust
Stainless steel spring
60lb. test nylon line
Works with any decoy
Adjustable line tension
Tried & tested for years
Thousands in use

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