"Makes Your Decoys Come Alive!"

Decoy Dabbler

Attract waterfowl entirely hands free by timer or take control of the diving your decoy does with remote control. (BOTH INCLUDED)

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Decoy Reel
No more tangled decoy weight lines. This easy to use, self retracting Decoy Reel takes the hassle out of winding up your decoys after the hunt and it will not rust.
Bird Finder
The perfect gift for your outdoor youngster or experienced bird watcher. Match birds in the wild to what they look and sound like on the Bird Finder.
Deluxe Bird Cleaning Kit
Make quick work of the birds you harvest with the 3-Pc. work-saving set
and carry sheath
Spinning Reel
The Midas MS-30 is one of the most advanced reels in the Browning line of reels. It's 3 interior precision machined bearings give you fluid performance and system smoothness the likes that you have never seen before.
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Talk to any seasoned waterfowl professional and he'll tell you that adding movement to your spread will dramatically improve your chances. However, he'll also tell you that mature waterfowl learn the tricks of modern technology very quickly. Now days it takes a lot more than splashing water and cardboard wings to fool a wary old drake who has seen it all.
The Decoy Dabbler's™ amazingly life like action will make your entire decoy spread resemble a flock of feeding ducks. With several decoys slipping in and out of the water like real ducks and other decoys dabbling along the surface of the water, there won't be a duck within miles that can resist flying into the middle of your spread. Click here to see more video.
One submersible Decoy Dabbler™ system pack attached to your decoy is all you need. NO WIRES TO RUN BACK AND FORTH TO YOUR BLIND. NO HEAVY CUMBERSOME UNIT TO CARRY TO YOUR BLIND. The Decoy Dabbler™ sits out under your decoy and does the job for you. It will run by itself on a programmable timer or you can operate it in addition to the timer by the radio remote control. Simply put it out with your decoy and let it be. IT IS THAT SIMPLE.


When you can fool the pros, "That's Realistic!"
The Decoy Dabbler™ works with all size decoys!  
Your decoys slip in and out of the water like real feeding ducks! No crazy unnecessary splashing to scare everything off.  
Your entire spread will come alive with the natural feeding action the Decoy Dabbler™ system creates!  
The Decoy Dabbler™ system runs intermittently on a timer or momentarily with a wireless remote control system!  
Large decoys dabble along the surface of the water, while smaller decoys half submerge like real waterfowl! video  
The Decoy Dabbler™ is a lawful waterfowl attracting device. It can be and is often used in successful hunting applications. Because the Decoy Dabbler™ has been so successful in attracting waterfowl and due to it's proven ability to attract waterfowl, game laws within your state may restrict it's use during hunting applications. It is the end user's responsibility to find out game laws within their respective state. By purchasing the Decoy Dabbler™ the purchaser hereby agrees to release and protect, indemnify (release) and hold harmless the makers of the Decoy Dabbler™ from any and all claim and/or liability associated with it by the purchaser or anyone else arising after purchase.

Congradulations to Mr. Greg Pruett Sr., WINNER of the DECOY DABBLER raffle!

Thanks to everyone who helped make the 2005 Little Rock Hunters EXPO a success.

We had a great time and hope to see y'all again!

Thad Brewer